OUR Partners

Yingli Solar
Yingly Solar is one of the world’s leading Solar panel manufacturer based in China having listed in New York Stock exchange having offices in US & Europe and export its products to over 90 countries. As they maintain high quality product standards, they have found no barriers in exporting to worlds leading markets.
Gain Power Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. import Grade A Polycrystalline and MonoCrystalline solar panels directly from Yingly plants in China. This assures the high Quality and authenticity of the products. Yingly PV modules carry a 10 year product warrantee and a 25 year performance warrantee.

Goodwe Inverters
Goodwe an international Grid tied and off grid inverters manufactured by Jiangsu GoodWe Power Supply Technology CO.,LTD. of China sold all over the world. The company has offices in US, UK Australia and EU. They manufacture high quality Inverters and Gain Power Solution source string inverters from their nominated Distributer in Sri Lanka. The Goodwe Inverters carry a standard warrantee of 5 years.

LeedSolar Micro Inverters
LeadSolar is a world leading China based micro inverter manufacturer. They produce high quality micro inverters that generate higher yield from your solar farm. They have research facilities and offices in US and EU and fastly capturing the micro inverter market. LeadSolar has appointed Gain Power Solutions as Distributer for their products in Sri Lanka. The leadsolar micro inverters carry 10 years standard warrantee.
Micro inverters is the best solution to get the optimum output from your solar investment as it has the ability to concur the disturbances of shading and faulty panels. You can monitor the performance of each of the solar panel connected to micro inverter using its gateway on which could be connected to internet on your android or IOS device..